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Donations can be made with PayPal or directly to Janell Moody/9 Lives Rescue, 6907 South Ave, Middleton, WI. 53562. Thank you in advance for considering us for your giving!

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URGENT! Please Help Support Our TNR Efforts:

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The Coffee Project

Little Coffee, who has now been adopted, came to us from a feral colony in Southwest Wisconsin. We don’t do a lot of feral work, but two of our fosters have family connections to local feral colonies and are doing what they can to assist these poor animals. Feral life isn’t easy and it isn’t kind. TNR (Trap Neuter Release) is an effective and humane way in reducing feral cat populations, but often is hard for families in rural areas with limited funds and resources.

We would love to assist with this TNR project. $70 covers the vet expense to spay/neuter and vaccinate one feral cat. Additional expenses include worming, flea treatment, cat food, milk replacer, etc. Any assistance is appreciated!

To donate, please use the Paypal link above, or contact us for a mailing address for a check to support this project. Make sure to mark your donation as going to the “The Coffee Project”.